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Karen Sherburne is a hardworking single mom and social worker. Hoping to make more time for her daughter, Meg, she commits to cutting back on her fifty-hour workweek. Not long after this decision, Meg is murdered and no suspect can be found. In her grief, Karen becomes obsessed with one goal: find the killer; kill the killer. 

Damaged Goods "...a vivd and moving read. You'll be captivated from start to finish." - Mel Robbins, American television host, author, and motivational speaker.

A binge eater for years, I stuffed my emotions down with food and buried them deep inside my stomach, constipating my being. When it was time to fess up and admit that binge eating exists, that I had it, and it's an addictive disease, I was devastated. I mean, who wants to revoke one's own food privileges?

By sharing my own personal struggle of my addiction, how it started unconsciously, grew incrementally, and then took on a life of its own, My Big Fat Head has given folks with a range of addictions - from eating to gambling to drinking to shopping - hope. I share the journey of what I know now, and will be forever grateful for, would have caused me to cringe years ago - that mental, spiritual, and physical healing far surpasses that one bite, sip, or emotional high.

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