Grateful recovering food addict, author, reiki master, akashic records advanced practitioner, written and conscious spoken channel, and intuitive medium

Take a breath, you’re here for a reason! Your journey isn’t something that you don’t know, it’s just something you forgot to remember. Curious about the decisions you make? Difficulty shaking your habits? Wonder why the people in your life are with you? Whether by a reiki session, akashic reading or a channel/intuitive session, I’d love to help you realize all the pieces that are uniquely you by connecting and relaying messages from your spirit guides, teachers, masters, and loved ones! It’s time to say goodbye to feeling frazzled and hello to feeling centered, relaxed, and energetically lighter!

Belle from Beauty and the Beast got it right when she sang, “There must be more than this provincial life.” From a very early age, I’ve felt / seen / heard evidence of a space-time continuum that exists beyond the emotional, physical and mental noise that surrounds us. I can recall being as young as four years old and conversing with spirits. Because I was a chronic worrier of family and friends’ opinions and the thought of social rejection was similar to tossing me into an active volcano, I’ve gone through periods of my life where I suppressed my clairsentient nature. I invited this world in when my curiosity peaked about a certain topic or when it tapped me on my shoulder too many times to ignore it. Convinced that my calling was a career in nursing, my adolescence was spent working in nursing homes as a nurse’s aide with individuals who were disabled from a mental illness or physical handicap. I cherished this job and the clients, and learned much from them, including the power of self-perception and self-acceptance, as well as how our own energy and thoughts can work for or against us.

Because the credential of soothsayer is far different than a degree in engineering and Hogwarts wasn’t an attainable goal, I earned a BA in social psychology and have held various jobs, from a medical health counselor, to columnist, to author, to corporate America, all the while toggling between the scientific world of facts and the ethereal world. I attained a reiki practitioner certification, ​and certifications in personality inventories that allow individuals to understand how they perceive themselves, the world, their decision-making, and workplace performance. My Big Fat Head and Damaged Goods were born from my own soul searching and after years of jobs that included newspaper columnist, PR for businesses and nonprofits, and transcription work. 


Life, as I knew it, was good. Around the time I turned 50, I looked back at my half century of life, took stock, and came up wanting. I decided to embrace all of me, whatever that meant; that part of “me”, the mystical, magical part, kept bubbling to the surface even when I tried to repress it. I applied my years of certifications and skills as a Reiki Master, Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner, and identified as a written and conscious spoken channel and intuitive medium. I lean toward science, proof, and facts, and am conversely drawn to hocus pocus and energy and believe in that which cannot be seen. Marrying the different aspects of myself has become a joyous union, a road trip beginning and ending with me.  I take great pride and delight in helping others to explore and understand how to find their way home – to themselves.