My goal is to support you in the process of embracing all the pieces that are uniquely you by connecting and relaying messages from your spirit guides, teachers, masters, and loved ones. 

It’s time to de-construct old thoughts and beliefs and rebuild a strong structure for your emotional well-being!

I’ve devoted many years to self-growth and healing, including recovering from food addiction, authoring two books, and becoming aware that it was my right to grow and bloom; that I was under no obligation to remain chained to old habits or tribal beliefs.


I’m a Reiki Master and Teacher, Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner, a written and conscious spoken channel, and intuitive medium. My books, My Big Fat Head and Damaged Goods were born out of my desire to express my creativity and help others see they are not alone. Marrying the different aspects of myself has become a joyous union, a road trip beginning and ending with me.


I hold a BA in social psychology and earned certifications in Meyers Briggs (MBTI) and Hogan Personality assessments; inventories that allow individuals to understand how they perceive themselves, the world, their decision-making, and workplace performance.