My spoken spiritual channel sessions with Jodi has been amazing and eye-opening.  It has brought to light patterns, road blocks and things that are holding me back in life.  The voices or spiritual channel are direct, at times funny and always enlightening - it gives me a deeper understanding of myself and why I am stuck in the same patterns and allow me to have a clearer path forward.  I look forward to more sessions! 

-RBC, New York

Thanks so much for the helpful information. As much as I acknowledge and appreciate the akashic records, I'm always blown away at how easily you access and understand them. Thank you for your insight!! 

- Sue

I have received Reiki from Jodi several times and the sense of calm and relaxation I feel afterwards is worth its weight in gold. Jodi is a highly skilled practitioner who knows her stuff and goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable and cared for. I highly recommend Jodi and her healing hands!

Wendi D., owner of A Better Way Pet Sitting Service

Jodi Blase is the ultimate professional. She is the first Reiki practitioner that I have been to see, and now I would not go to anyone else. I have found Reiki to be an incredible experience with Jodi’s knowledge and skill. Her use of stones is unique and intuitive. I would recommend Reiki Master Jodi Blase to anyone and feel confident in the referral.  

~Amy G., owner, Drive Your Life

Jodi is an exceptionally gifted spoken channel. Her connection to her guide is an amazing experience to witness and the guidance shared was so helpful and calming during some turbulent times. Anyone looking for or needing guidance from beyond should schedule a channeling session with Jodi. Prepare to be amazed and don't forget to take notes to refer back to later.

– Theresa B.

I am thankful Jodi introduced me to Reiki a couple of years ago. I did not know anything about Reiki, but I do know that if Jodi was involved in Reiki, it had to be wonderful. Shortly after talking with Jodi about Reiki, I made an appointment. The setting in which Jodi practices is very warm, relaxing and inviting. We talk after each session and inevitably she mentions a few of my thoughts and what I experienced, maybe a slight pulling sensation on one side, different feeling throughout my body and she acknowledges these feelings. Through her light gentle hands, I leave feeling relaxed, grounded and at peace. I recommend you schedule a Reiki session with Jodi … sooner than later! 

Linda T. 

I had never had an Akashic Reading before. Jodi simply and clearly explained what it was and how it would be done. I felt completely at ease and comfortable when working with her. The information that she shared about my previous past lives immediately resonated with me. Her words helped reaffirm my current life's path. What she shared also helped shed light on some of my previous choices. Jodi also shared with me some poignant psychic hits/predictions. They too rang true. During our conversation, I felt a sense of connection with her, myself and my life.  Our session was not only a great pick-me-up but it helped energize my week.  I will definitely consult with her again.  

- Peter Anthony 

My Reiki session with Jodi was amazing. I felt a loving and healing energy all along and was able to relax completely. At the end, she gave me some helpful information about what she was picking up and what I could do about it, including my throat chakra being out of balance. I left lighter and re-energized.  During our Akashic records reading, Jodi was able to tune in to my past lives, family history and helped me understand my path. The information she picked up was relevant. She also gave me some practical information about opening up to new experiences in my life. This was a very valuable session.  I look forward to going to Jodi again!  


I have had both amazingly accurate and helpful psychic and spoken channel readings from Jodi. When Jodi first channeled, I had never seen or heard anything like it; I received profound wisdom and insight, helping me to look at my life with a more objective perspective. I also received information that I wasn’t admitting to myself and this helped me to believe in myself. Jodi is caring, motivating, and helped me to really focus on the steps I needed to step into my own power in my life. 

– Deborah R.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but had heard good things about reiki... then learned that was a specialty of Jodi’s, so I gave it a try. And boy am I glad I did!! The sessions are super relaxing and when done you’ll feel so refreshed & grounded. I really don’t know how to explain it in words, except you’ve got to just try it and you’ll be hooked on the positive, good solid feeling!  


I have known Jodi for over 20 years and recently been enlightened by her Reiki skills. Having tried chiropractic, massage therapy, and meditation, my mind is always on overdrive, no matter what. Enter Jodi's therapeutic practice of calming the mind and body, and I had the best sleep ever. Start with lying on your back for an hour, listening to relaxing music while Jodi slowly uses her hands to extract your energy. I felt no pain, just a sensation of weight lifting and utter calm. I highly recommend Jodi's services, Reiki and beyond, as she is knowledgeable, intuitive, and skilled at her craft.

Donna G.