holistic energy healing session with reiki

​Reiki (ray-key) is one of my favorite healing modalities! Regularly scheduled treatments are an excellent form of self-care to help with maintaining an overall energetic balance and an increase in spiritual awareness. A warm and soothing energy flows from the practitioner’s hands into the client, promoting relaxation and releasing tension. Its job is to help heal energy pathways, making it ideal for everyone, including beloved pets! It will not deplete your energy, does not interfere with medications, and compliments medical treatments.


A word about remote reiki sessions: Reiki can be sent remotely and effectively. I'll walk you through a guided calming guided meditation while sending healing reiki energy your way!

akashic records reading 

Gain clarity, transform and heal relationships, and see the potential of who you are with the infinite healing the Akasha has to offer! We often go through periods where we wonder what our next logical step is and what the options are regarding relationships, work or letting go of old patterns or beliefs that may be preventing forward movement. An Akashic Records Reading helps you to see yourself in this life and past lives from the perspective of your soul. It can also reveal how other people you know in this life have affected your soul's growth or evolution in this life and past lives. It helps you to become aware of your soul’s vibrational quality and to understand that no matter what life circumstances

currently surround you, that you are whole and okay!


mix & match session

Are you ready to release the old to make space for the new?

Is it time to let go of addictive behavior and old patterns and become open to creating change and taking chances, to become empowered and attuned to your own energy so that you can establish a relationship with yourself and others?  ​Serving as a conduit or vessel to bring through messages from higher realms of light that connect us all, I offer fun and lively sessions that are certain to warm your heart, point you to your true north, and settle your soul. 

​Not sure which service to choose? Feel free to mix & match!​

personalized channeled messages 

Looking for a snapshot or clarification of where you are at this moment? 

You will receive a personalized message by my spiritual channel guide via email any time you want. This is a great way to check in with yourself and regroup!